Thursday, March 18, 2010

Corporate personalised chocolates

Many firms and corporations like to say thank you to employees and clients at Christmas time, and other festive occasions, and what better way to make an impression with personalised chocolates?
With lots of inexpensive favors and options to choose from, such as store vouchers or wines and  of course the obligatory pens, paperweights and notepads paraphernalia (that I think we all agree, can get a bit ordinary year after year), you will probably be wondering what is left.  And of course, you know what I am going to say now... personalised chocolates!

It's no surprise that you may only have just stumbled across this idea very recently, because it hasn't always been common to be able to get such "fine"gift items as chocolates in a personalised form. But now, it is gaining popularity, and it has never been a better time to purchase them and stand out as a little bit different and get a little bit of a branding edge just by this simple gift gesture.

You can get personalised chocolates which are wrapped in your logo, as in, they have a printed wrapper with your logo or company name or message or graphic on them.  You can also even get moulded chocolates - people are sure to remember the company whose trademark they could actually eat (and it was yummy too)!

Here are some suggestions.  Square chocolates, looking so professional, wrapped individually with your logo printed onto the front of a black wrapper.  A perfect corporate token gift.  You can buy personalised square chocolate that comes in neat little boxes, say with 2, 4, 8, 10, etc chocolates in each little box.  I have seen gold and silver ones.

Even more intriguing and upping the novelty factor, what about getting a run of dollar coin personalised chocs made up with your logo printed onto the back of each coin.  These can be obtained from many online personalised chocolate sellers.

Also, don’t forget the elegant rectangular chocolate bar.  The classic gift on its own, it becomes a very classy gesture when presented in a box printed specially with your brand, to your specifications.  The possibilities are quite endless here because you have a large area to play with.  You could even decide to proudly display some facts and figures about your company, the latest successes that have been accomplished, or even a little “About Our Staff” with a small pic, name and short bio of each person!

The edible factor alone is going to get everybody talking.

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