Friday, March 19, 2010

How to use personalised chocolates to best effect at your wedding

There are as many different kinds of weddings as there are people.  Some view it as a strictly religious or legal ritual with no frills, others the opposite end of the spectrum using the wedding as an excuse to party long and hard whether with music, food, drink, dancing, holidaying or family get-togethers.  Wherever you fall between the two ends of the scale, no doubt you will want to enjoy your wedding and want to make it memorable.

It's a small gesture, but using something like personalised chocolates as part of your wedding can be a really inviting moment.  You could hand them out at the door as your guests come in, or put them in little bowls around the room.  Or, you could put one at each guest's place at the table or even in their chairs where they are going to sit during the ceremony - a cute yet official way to mark people's sitting places.  You could have them printed with a photo of both of you on the wrapping - those who wanted would be able to take it home as a memento - you'd want to get a good-quality service for this so that it had a good photo quality on the wrapping.  Or, you could print you names and maybe a favourite quote or simply part of the vows, for instance, "I do".

If you were thinking of a slightly more offbeat wedding what about putting funny photos of you and your spouse-to-be on the wrappers, or funny wedding quotes, faux vows, or even wedding jokes.  You could also put totally random things on the chocolates, or the date that you met (and a photo from that day), or a picture of the dog you got together a few months ago?!  So many ways you could use these small chocolates to insert some fun and irregularity into your wedding.

Have you seen the gorgeous full-photo wrapped personalised chocolate photo bars that some online stores sell?  Or the mini photo chocolates for weddings?  There are gorgeously elegant chocolates wrapped in silver paper and covered with finely textured off-white paper, and printed with the name of the guest.  There are beautifully boxed moulded chocolates in the shape of hearts, with you and your spouse-to-be’s names actually moulded into the chocolate.  There are also cards with specially wrapped chocolates stuck on the outside, slipped in the inside or mini gift boxes, all personalised to your own names and wedding theme.  You’ll have to check them all out for yourself, there are so many styles.

And while you’re on the subject, what about getting some chocolate roses to put into your bouquets?  Often, the Mother Of The Bride outfits the reception hall with decorations and flowers, so you my want to run the idea of chocolate roses by her before the big day. Wedding supplies with a personal touch are such a nice way to make your wedding more interesting and tailored to you and your spouse-to-be.

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