Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Reasons to buy personalised chocolates

There are so many reasons to get some personalised chocolates.  If you have ever been to a wedding, a restaurant or a hotel, chances are you have encountered personalised chocolates at least once in your life.  They are a lovely touch as a gift for a special occasion, and there are so many special occasions to choose from.  The birth of a new baby (what woman doesn't like chocolate? Mums usually get given baby gifts, like baby clothes, etc, but all new mothers appreciate a gift just for them; at a time when they are feeling tired and celebratory at the same time), Valentines chocolate, a 21st birthday, a wedding (of course - wedding favours), an anniversary, a loved one's birthday or even just to say "I love you" as a special surprise right out of the blue.  Sometimes there's nothing like a totally unexpected gift of a totally unexpected and indulgent nature, and personalised chocolates can really fit the bill, because as everyone loves to receive things made just for them, personal chocs can be really inspirational gifts.  Just imagine receiving choccys printed with a sweet message from a loved one.

Corporate gifts can get a bit boring year after year, and I have written about corporate personalised chocolates to give company directors and administrators some new ideas for professional chocolate gifts.

If you are a parent who likes to make their children's birthday parties extra special, you could consider getting fun personalised chocolates made up for the occasion or the going-home party favours bag - you can use those handy reclosable bags to put a few other bits and pieces in that are sure to please the little ones.  You might even like to make them up for your child's guests' parents - maybe with your name and phone number, and email address or other contact so that the parent will be sure to get your contact details if their child ever says to them, "Mum, can I go and play with Joe?"  Because don't we all know that feeling of Oh dear, I don't have Joe's house, who else do we know who knows Joe? and the ringaround that ensues!  If your child's guests' parents get given a special party gift just for them on their way home, they will have more reason to notice what's on the wrapper!  The same goes for a party you host for adults, say a dinner party.  In fact, since you can get chocolates made up in batches with different prints or names or messages on each one, couldn't this make a fun getting-to-know-you game at the beginning of a party?  You could hide the chocolates in the garden (make sure to write down where you put them!), pull them out of a hat, or use them in conjunction with another party game, thus ensuring everyone gets introduced informally without being embarrassed!

They're just some of the ways you can use these fantastic little chocolate gifts to make your life a little easier.  Keep reading for more ideas.   :)

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