Saturday, March 20, 2010

Personalised Easter chocolates

It's almost that time of year again (hey - where did Christmas go?) and I can already start to smell chocolate in the air.  OK - that might just be because there I have chocolate on the brain, but it might also be because there are Easter chocolates on the shelved in all the stores now, from the local general store to the large department stores.  And whether you celebrate a religious or cultural Easter or not, chances are that you probably will ingest at least one chocolate over this festival that comes around every year!

I'm writing this post today about personalised Easter chocolates, because I think it's a great idea, and until I started learning about personalised chocolate recently, I never would have even thought of it.  Sure, Easter chocolates made by your kid using chocolate in the microwave and poured into last year's chocolate Advent-calendar moulds (hey, I thought nobody else kept those things!) and presented to you on a plate having been popped out the moulds after sitting in the fridge overnight... these choccy's sure are personalised, but you know the kind I am talking about - the kind with a name or a message on them.

Hey, why not get some this year.  There are enough unnamed Easter bunnies and unnamed Easter eggs and even nameless Easter bilbies (if you live in Australia) out there with no... well, names... isn't it better to stop adding to the already-long list?  (Cue: "Awwwww....")

Personalised fair trade Easter chocolate, personalised egg chocolate, personalised egg nests, peronalised bunnies and rabbits, personalised Easter gift boxes, personalised anything chocolate really for Easter is going to show the recipient that you have not only just gone and grabbed gifts from the mall, you have actually put thought into the matter.

Here’s an idea.  When you live further away from someone that you can’t actually give the gift in person, sending something that has been personalised can be a sweet thing to do (especially sweet if it’s chocolate!).  Getting an item personalised really shows that you have gone the extra mile.  I suspect that women will find it even more special than men, and a little girl or boy will find it perfectly delightful - don’t all children love seeing their names written on things they own?  And even better when they can actually eat the item.  It would be entirely possible that instead of being scoffed down, the child eats that egg last because they are so chuffed by it.  So you could write “For Mary, with love from Aunty Louise” and who knows, they might even learn how to spell your name by admiring their coolest Easter egg.  :)

Personalised Easter chocolate would also make ideal personalised corporate chocolate when you use your own logo on or brand or trademark as the text.

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